For this 2020 project Nelson composed a set of pieces based on the poetry of the Victorian writer Emily Brontë and put together a  band of truly exceptional musicians - Ricardo Toscano, Óscar Graça, João Lopes Pereira, Eduardo Cardinho and the unique voice of Cláudio Alves, mixing acoustic and electronics in a crossover of multiple artistic elements. 

    Ricardo toscano - alto sax 
    Cláudio Alves - voice 
    Eduardo Cardinho - vibraphone 
    Óscar Graça - piano & keyboards 
    Nelson Cascais - bass 
    João Lopes Pereira - drums


    In the path of writing for large ensemble Nelson Cascais set up a new project called Roda Viva. This time, in octet format, the bassist and composer defined a compositional line balanced on three fundamental elements: melodic simplicity, rhythmic diversity and improvisation. “I wanted to make music that didn't sound complex but that was still challenging and stimulating for musicians. Music that conveys positive energy, joy and hope; that would make people stomp and dance".

    Gileno Santana - trumpet
    João Mortágua - alto sax
    Rúben Luz - trombone
    Afonso Pais - guitar
    Luís Figueiredo - philicorda organ
    Nelson Cascais - double bass
    Ruca Rebordão - percussion
    Luís Candeias - drums


    André Fernandes - guitar 
    Óscar Graça - philicorda 
    Nelson Cascais - bass guitar 
    João Lopes Pereira - drums

    Diogo Duque - trumpet, flugelhorn, flute
    Ricardo Toscano - alto sax, clarinet
    Federico Pascucci - tenor sax
    Paulo Gaspar - bass clarinet
    Rúben Luz - trombone
    Nuno Cunha - french horn
    Gil Gonçalves - tuba
    Óscar Graça - fender rhodes
    Nelson Cascais - double bass
    Bruno Pedroso - drums

  • MENtOR
    João Mortágua - alto sax
    André Fernandes - guitar
    Luís Figueiredo - piano
    Nelson Cascais - double bass
    André Sousa Machado -drums

  • MØDE
    A creative platform of four of Europe’s finest modernists hailing from Denmark to Portugal. Exploring a new world for a interactive acoustic quartet.

    Mark Alban Lotz (Germany/Holland) - flutes, bansuri, fx
    João Paulo Esteves da Silva (Portugal) - piano
    Nelson Cascais (Portugal) - double bass
    Martin Andersen (Denmark) - percussion, drums

    A Lisbon based quartet that pays homage to the music of Lennie Tristano, Lee Konitz, Warne Marsh, Ted Brown...

    André Fernandes - guitar 
    Nuno Ferreira - guitar 
    Nelson Cascais - bass 
    André Sousa Machado - drums